DAF 2021 REWORKED V1.1.3 1.50

Changelog 1.1.3
-Updated materials and models
-Fixed some textures
-Added compatibility for 1.50
-removed custom interior
-removed old custom sideskirt
-removed custom rear bumper (a new one will be added soon)
-removed front bumper “LOW


-added corner eye paint version
-added black piano model sun shades
-added FTN / FTS chassis
-added FTT 6×4 chassis
-added FTG 6×2/4 chassis
-added 4×2 Low Deck chassis
-added battery box stock and paintable
-added new tank modeling
-added orange DRL
-added paintable side deflector aero
-added the battery box ladder
-added original front intake & paint
-added paintable fender top and standard
-added angel morts sticker
-added dark version of headlights
-added front cabin deflector
-added fog parking
-added functional VDO (again)
-added swap body compatibility
-added RHD interior
-added duplicated taillight
-added paintable tank straps
-added original chassis FTN and FTS sideskirt
-added slot in deflector -added slot in front grill
-added slot in front grill
-added lateral emblem in sideskirt
-added aero exclusive to side deflector
-added new chassis cover
-added ladder and rear fire extinguisher
-added rear view camera all paintable
-added new exclusive sun shades
-added template on glass
-added stone guard
-added sideskirt custom
-added side mirror pintavel


-Improved dashboard texture and design
-Improved taillight texture
-Improved material and texture of SC


DOWNLOAD https://modsfire.com/XflDT81508u2lFj

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  1. cristian says:

    Hello This mod doesn’t work on 1.50 appears incompatible mod

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