Adds a large pack of trailers and a truck from different authors to the game

Mod features:
Fixed all errors in the log and which are associated with the pack!!!
American trucks and a couple of trailers have been added!!!
In general, at the moment there are 40 trucks in the pack + various chassis modifications + cabins (exterior) with modifications there will be about 100 trucks!!!
In general, at the moment there are 48 trailers in the pack + various modifications – chassis + bodies (exterior) with modifications there will be about 100 trailers !!!

Unpack the archive, drop it into the mod folder and read the installation instructions

Fixed GPS navigators on default trucks!!!
Removed non-working third-party beacons mods!!!
Fixed front wheels: dumices on Volvo vnl so that some of the default wheels do not stick out from under the wings !!!
Increased the second loan to 10 million!!!
Added 1 Schwarzmuller Dump Trailer!!!
Fixed the volume of the fuel tank on the gazelle to the real 64 liters!!!
Cleaned the interior of the trash KAMAZ 54115-44108!!!
Added KAMAZ 44108 off-road 3 bodies:Tent, Grain carrier, Fuel carrier!!! You can hook it up to it
BDF trailer off-road and for each type of body
I corrected the windshield for KAMAZ 54115-44108 now there is no strip below as if there was no glass from below!!! I corrected the headlights on the bumper now there are no gaps between them!!!
Added new skin MASTERGRUZ for Schwarzmuller refrigerator trailer!!!
Fixed trailer Tonar dump truck 4 axle rear textures!!!Rear lights replaced!!!
The system of high-speed fines by police traffic has been changed !!!
Added spot lenses for traffic lights!!!


DOWNLOAD 24.12.22-Pervaya_chast_Bolshogo_mod_paka_versii_9.0_pod_1.46.hh_OSNOVNAYa-1.rar – 3.3 GB
DOWNLOAD 24.12.22-Vtoraya_chast_Bolshogo_mod_paka_versii_9.0_pod_1.46.hh_OSNOVNAYa-2.rar – 2.2 GB
DOWNLOAD 24.12.22-Tretya_chast_Bolshogo_mod_paka_versii_9.0_pod_1.46.hh_OSNOVNAYa-3.rar – 3.1 GB
DOWNLOAD 24.12.22-Chetvertaya_chast_Bolshogo_mod_paka_versii_9.0_pod_1.46.hh_OSNOVNAYa-4.rar – 2.0 GB

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  1. Nuno says:

    fiz o download dos 4 arquivos e falta o ficheiro 2. O jogo fecha. Não está a funcionar o mod

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