Best Reshade for Naturalux 1.38 (v.0.99)

my newest realistic reshade preset for natural lux.

if you dont know how to install naturalux correctly in 1.38
(then check google for tutorials)

Changes in 0.99:
-less saturation
-less colour
-brighter cockpit
-less brightnes reflections
-adapted to naturalux


-start reshade setup on ets2 and choose your ets exe
-choose directx 11 and download just the following shaders

FXAA, LiftGammaGain, Tonemap, Techniccolor, Techniccolor2
(uncheck all if you dislike but download the 5)
-then copy my ini file to your winx64 folder
-start the game and press pos1 for reshade settings and choose my preset ini
-do your graghic options like in the picture


maybe some of you post a gameplay because i cant record
it at this time!


DOWNLOAD Best_Reshade_for_NL_by_mc2rok_0.99.rar – 5.3 MB

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  1. Dr.Duck says:

    Ughhh… Too much work to do to get this started. Thanks anyway. I’m sure it is really really good.

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