Argentina Map Mod (Map CEIBO v 1.7) ETS2 1.40

Map CEIBO V. 1.7 for game version 1.40
New Changes:
Error correction.
Companies for trailers.
Map optimization.
Added cities: Zarate, Ceibas, Gualeguaychú, Concepción del Uruguay, Colón, San José, Concordia, Federación, Mocoreta, Chajarí, Monte Casero, Paso de los Libres.
Route 12 was added from Zarate to crossing route 14.
Route 14 was added from crossing route 12 to route 117 (Paso de los Libres).

CEIBO TEAM,Pedro Navarrete,Franco Castilla,Franco Ramirez,Kaku Peralta,Manu Romero

DOWNLOAD Mapa_CEIBO_V1_7.rar – 488.5 MB

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