50K Addons Pack 1.50

* Roof grills with slots only
* Kelsa VisorBars
* Kelsa HiBars
* Hella LED Marker Light (1.) (White, Orange)
* Light Board
*paintable variants of all bars
*flare hookup to fog light to cast yellow light
* SUPER Logo
* Light Board (1.)
* Plate Light Board (1.)
* Michelin Dolls (yellow and white) (1.)
* Hella Chromium
* Hella Chromium Angel Eyes
* Hella Lollipop
Custom Beacon
* Grill Light with custom flares and light
* Low Bar Light wit custom flares and light

Updated for ETS2 1.50


DOWNLOAD https://modsfire.com/O15EnRLe6sUG209

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