Marmara Region, is one of Turkey’s seven geographical regions.

Changelog v1.1:
Size update has been performed.
Performance improvement has been made.
Ferry navigation bug fixed.
Load removal problem has been fixed.

Missing models have been added.
Minor bugs have been fixed.
Baltrak Headquarters was added to Yalova.

This map mode covers the Southern part of the Marmara Region in 1:3 scale.

This version includes Gebze, Altınova, Yalova, Orhangazi and Gemlik districts. In addition, Ambarlı Port was added to Istanbul for transportation by ferry.

Cities and Regions
✓ Ambarlı Port
✓ Gebze
✓ Yalova
✓ Altınova
✓ Orhangazi
✓ Gemlik

Ferry Lines
✓ Ambarlı-Yalova and
✓ Ambarlı-Topçular
✓ Eskihisar-Topçular

Existing Highways
✓ D575
✓ O_4
✓ O_5
✓ D100

Other Details
✓ One-way 870 kilometers
✓ Many new models and traffic signs
✓ 5 bus stations suitable for real
✓ Osmangazi Bridge

✓ Required DLCs: Scandinavia, Going East, Vive la France, Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Road to the Black Sea
✓ Compatible Game Version: 1.40.x
✓ Currently not compatible with other map mods.

✓ Map: Kerem Arda
✓ Map Planning: Kerem Arda, @The.Yigido68
✓ Models: Kerem Arda
✓ Model Texture and Map Images: @The.Yigido68
✓ Convert Model: Kerem Arda, Emincan Yüksel, Artin Kazancı
✓ Osmangazi Bridge Model: @ONURKULL

DOWNLOAD GuneyMarmaraMapv1.1.rar – 264.4 MB

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