DAF 95XF 1.44 + TRAILER 1.45

Updated to 1.44 (Trailer will be red at 1.45 Czechs wouldn’t be Czechs if they didn’t know how to break anything between patches)
Bug fixes Trailer taken from XBS (Borrowed I hope not to be offended)

Added skins
Full support 1.44

Features of the mod –
Autonomous truck DAF 95XF; –
Sold in DAF and at the mod dealer; –
Salon animation redesigned; –
The steering wheel is made as a separate accessory; –
Added window animation; –
Fixed physics; –
Partial support for DLS interior accessories; –
Sounds fixed; –
Partially replaced and fixed some interior textures; –
Completely replaced the texture of the cabin painting; –
Chassis selection (low 4×2, standard 4×2, tandem 6×4); –
Lifting on a tandem chassis; –
Completely redesigned on-board computer; –
Minor cosmetic changes; –
Partially replaced and fixed some interior textures; –

Tested on game version 1.45.x.

Original truck model: Bogdan Kosolap (VINZEL).
Update: Konstantin Nikolayevich Nikolenko
Author of adaptation to patch 1.44: Dimon4ik_774rus
Help and support: AJIEHA
Author of adaptation for patch 1.44: AJIEHA

DOWNLOAD DAF_95_______________.rar – 226.0 MB

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